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Club Major Singles 2018     Winners in blue

Final Tuesday 8 May 2018

Sally Murphy   v   Jan Curtis

Semi Finals Thursday 3 May 2018

Sally Murphy   v   Betty Troy
Jan Curtis   v   Sandra Brammall

Round 3 Tuesday 1 May 2018

Narelle O'Dwyer   v   Sally Murphy
Sue Staples   v   Betty Troy
Jan Curtis   v   Judy Cameron
Sandra Brammall   v  Phyllis Betterridge

Round 2 Thursday 26 April 2018

Narelle O'Dwyer   v   Anne Nichols
Julie Cox  v   Sally Murphy
Yvonne Sargent   v   Sue Staples
Jean Fortis   v   Betty Troy
Helen Tristram   v   Jan Curtis
Jill Emmerson   v   Judy Cameron
Sandra Brammall   v   Kim Trethewy (played early)
Phyllis Betterridge   v   Fay Sims

Round 1 Tuesday 24 April 2018

Winners in blue

Narelle O'Dwyer   v    Pam Brann
Judy Stannard   v   Anne Nichols
Sally Murphy   v   Barbara Hilliard
Julie Cox   v   Bye
Yvonne Sargent   v   Bye
Sue Staples   v   Bye
Jean Fortis   v   Bye
Betty Troy   V   Bye
Helen Tristram   v   Bye
Jan Curtis   v   Bye
Jill Emmerson   v   Bye
Judy Cameron   v   Bye
Sandra Brammall   v   Bye
Kim Trethewy   v   Bye
Phyllis Betterridge   v   Bye
Fay Sims   v   Bye


Club Fours Championship 2017

Round 1 Tuesday 24 January 2017 - BA Extreme Weather Policy Invoked - to be rescheduled

Round 1 Continued Tuesday 7 February 2017

Winning Skips:  Rhonda Bosden, Sally Murphy, Margaret McCreadie (bye), Carol Allis (bye)
Semi Finals Tuesday 7 February 2017
Incomplete due to rain - to be continued Thursday 9 February 2017
Winning Skips:  Carol Allis and Margaret McCreadie.  

Final Thursday 9 February 2017

Carol Allis          9           v        Margaret McCreadie     23

Congratulations to our 2017 Fours Champions - Yvonne Sargent (sub for S Coolican), Linda McGrath, Lesley Mason and Margaret McCreadie (skip).
Congratulations also to our 2017 Fours Runners Up - Eileen Martin, Betty Troy, Julie Cox and Carol Allis (skip).

Club Major Singles Championship 2017

Round 1 Thursday 16 February 2017

Sue Staples  v  Lesley Mason
Fay Sims v  Phyllis Betterridge
Julie Cox  v Margaret McCreadie
Narelle O'Dwyer v Eileen Martin
Anne Nichols v  Betty Troy
Barbara Hilliard v Judy Cameron
Judy Stannard v Jan Curtis
Sally Murphy v Jean Fortis

Round 2 Tuesday 21 February 2017

Lesley Mason  v  Phyllis Betterridge
Narelle O'Dwyer  v  Julie Cox 
Anne Nichols  v Judy Cameron
Sally Murphy  v  Jan Curtis

Round 3 Thursday 23 February 2017 (Semi Finals)

Phyllis Betterridge  v  Julie Cox
Judy Cameron  v Sally Murphy

Round 4 Tuesday 28 February 2017 (Final)

Julie Cox   25   v   Sally Murphy 18

Club Minor Singles Competition 2017

Entries close at 10.00am, 25th April 2017.

Round 1 Tuesday 2 May 2017

Linda McGrath           v         Helen Tristram
Sue Staples                 v         Sandra Brammall
Margaret McCreadie, Pam Brann, Jean Fortis, Sheila Heald, Lorraine Clifford, Fay Brunner all had byes

Round 2 Thursday 4 May 2017

Linda McGrath          v         Sandra Brammall
Margaret McCreadie v         Pam Brann
Jean Fortis                 v         Sheila Heald
Lorraine Clifford       v         Fay Brunner

Winners were Sandra Brammall, Margaret McCreadie, Jean Fortis and Lorraine Clifford

Round 3 Tuesday 9 May 2017

Margaret McCreadie     v   Sandra Brammall
Jean Fortis                     v   Lorraine Clifford

Winners were Margaret McCreadie and Jean Fortis

Round 4 Thursday 11 May 2017

Margaret McCreadie  25     v    Jean Fortis  22

Congratulations Margaret McCreadie, 2017 Minor Singles Champion

Club Pairs Championship 2017

Round 1 Tuesday 13 June 2017

Julie Cox & Sally Murphy            v    Linda McGrath & Margaret McCreadie
Judy Stannard & Lesley Mason    v    Fay Sims  &  Judy Cameron
Phyllis Betterridge & Carol Allis  v    Lorraine Clifford & Pam Brann

5 teams had byes

Winners were Margaret McCreadie & Linda McGrath, Lesley Mason & Judy Stannard and Pam Brann & Lorraine Clifford.

Round 2 Thursday 15 June 2017

Linda McGrath & Margaret McCreadie    v    Lorraine Clifford & Pam Brann
Judy Stannard & Lesley Mason                 v    Sue Staples & Jan Curtis
Helen Tristram & Barbara Hilliard            v    Jill Emerson & Yvonne Sargent
Pam Dring & Anne Nichols                       v    Margaret Hickman & Kim Trethewy

Round 3 Tuesday 20 June 2017 (Semi Finals)  

Linda McGrath & Margaret McCreadie       v    Sue Staples & Jan Curtis
Helen Tristram & Barbara Hilliard               v     Margaret Hickman & Kim Trethewy

Round 4 Thursday 22 June 2017 (Final)

Linda McGrath & Margaret McCreadie      v     Margaret Hickman  &  Kim Trethewy      

Congratulations to Margaret Hickman & Kim Trethewy our new Pairs Champions for 2017

Club Triples Championship 2017

Round 1 Tuesday 8 August 2017

Jean Fortis, Phyllis Betterridge, Sally Murphy  v  Lorraine Clifford, Linda McGrath, Margaret Hickman

Round 2 Thursday 10 August 2017

Jean Fortis, Phyllis Betterridge, Sally Murphy     v  Sue Staples, Sheila Heald, Rhonda Bosden
Bettina Jinks, Julie Cox & Margaret McCreadie     v  Anne Nichols, Lesley Mason, Carol Allis
Margaret Nebauer, Bette Townsend, Pam Dring  v  Barbara Hilliard, Helen Tristram, Jan Curtis
Liz Rankin. Yvonne Sargent ,Judy Cameron           v  Judy Brean, Fay Brunner, Kim Trethewy

Round 3 Tuesday 15 August 2017

Jean Fortis, Phyllis Betterridge, Sally Murphy       v  Anne Nichols, Lesley Mason, Carol Allis
Helen Tristram, Barbara Hilliard, Jan Curtis          v  Liz Rankin, Yvonne Sargent, Judy Cameron

Round 4 Tuesday 22 August 2017

Jean Fortis, Phyllis Betterridge, Sally Murphy     v    Helen Tristram, Barbara Hilliard, Jan Curtis

Congratulations to Helen, Barbara, and Jan - 2017 Triples Champions

Club Consistency Competition 2017

Round 1 Thursday 12 October 2017   NOTE   some Round 2 Games to be played 12 October

Sarah Murphy  v  Gaye Bryant
Carol Allis  v  Barbara Hilliard
Susan Staples  v  Sheila Heald
Linda McGrath  v  Kim Trethewy
Phyllis Betterridge  v  Helen Tristram
Fay Sims   v   Bye
Lesley Mason   v   Bye
Jean Fortis   v   Bye
Julie Cox  v   Bye
Margaret Hickman  v  Bye
Judy Stannard  v   Bye
Yvonne Sargent  v  Bye            Round 2  Judy Stannard    v  Yvonne Sargent
Sandra Brammall  v  Bye
Narelle O'Dwyer   v   Bye         Round 2  Sandra Brammall  v  Narelle O'Dwyer
Pam Brann  v   Bye
Judy Cameron   v   Bye            Round 2  Pam Brann     v   Judy Cameron

Round 2 Tuesday 17 October 2017

Sarah Murphy v Carol Allis
Susan Staples v Kim Trethewy
Phyllis Betterridge v Fay Sims
Lesley Mason v Jean Fortis
Julie Cox v Margaret Hickman

Round 3 Thursday 19 October 2017

Carol Allis v Susan Staples
Lesley Mason v Fay Sims
Julie Cox v Yvonne Sargent
Sandra Brammall v Pam Brann

Semi Final  Tuesday 24 October 2017      Susan Staples   v   Fay Sims
Semi Final Thursday 2 November 2017     Julie Cox   v   Pam Brann

Final Thursday 9 November 2017

Fay Sims  129  v    Julie Cox  131

Non Pennant Player of 2017

Winner:  Helen Tristram